A piece titled 'I Sea Space, created for an exhibition titled 'From Now On', with a Retro-Futuristic theme. 

My piece sets out to show how the deep ocean and outer space can be extremely similar environments, in the sense that both are essentially very mysterious. 

A piece created for an exhibition titled 'Tall Tales'. The exhibition showcased the work of various local South African illustrators and fine artists as well as raising funds for the charity organization Eagle's Nest. The students from the organization have very little exposure to basic art education due to scarce resources and educators at the school.  In addition to exhibiting original pieces, the artists created some pieces in collaboration with the kids from the school. I chose to interpret an element from each child's drawing and create a new narrative based on these combined elements, titled 'Lady Camille and the smoking serpent'

A piece created for a horror themed exhibition titled 'Blood, Sweat and Fears' for NOW gallery. My piece is an interpretation of Henry Fuseli's dream-like and haunting erotic painting 'The Nightmare' (1781), which aimed to show both the dreamer and the dream at the same time. 

A commisioned portrait created for a couple, who really loved skulls. 

A vector illustration created for Standard Bank on their #WhatsYourNext campaign on social media for National Youth Day.

 My illustration was inspired by the following quote: "Preventing the conflicts of tomorrow means changing the mind-set of the youth today." -  Graça Machel

This was a quick tongue-in-cheek poster design for a charity event that was held for a man who was physically assaulted at a local music festival merely because he was gay. All the proceeds and donations from the event went to his medical and legal costs. The name of the event refers to what the assaulter muttered to the victim before he assaulted him. 

Ice cream themed illustrations created for Paul's Homemade Ice Cream, an artisan ice cream shop. 

The artworks were sold as editioned prints in the Parkhurst branch. 

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