Three portraits done for Brent Black's trading card game '012'. The trading cards features various influencers, creatives, artists, bands and others who have had an influence on Pretoria's creative scene. 

My three portraits are of: Nina Torr (Artist); Maaike Bakker (Artist); and Desmond & The Tutus (Band) ​​

Nina Torr

Desmond & The Tutus 
(Shane Durrant, Doug Bower, Nic Dinnie & Craig Durrant) 

Maaike Bakker

An editioned print developed for a Brunch-themed exhibition, curated by Paper Snap Studio for their shop BRUNCH in Johannesburg, 

The piece is titled ' YOUR BRUNCH RECIPES HAVE NO SOUL'. 

A design created for a illustration competition, where the brief was to create a gardener's journal cover. 

A digital print created for 'JUST MY TYPE', a typography themed exhibition. 

A digital print created for the launch of a new zine titled 'Juvenile'. The theme was ' The Streets of South Africa' 

Two portraits of friends created for 'MUGSHOT', an exhibition of portraiture stickers. 

Each artist was asked to illustrate two special people in their lives to be immortalised as a sticker. 

Peter Claassens 

Peter is one of my best friends. He enjoys smoking, listening to Classic fm, drinking Mojito's, watching Bones, feeding his geese and making interesting art pieces. In conversation, he loves sharing random quotes from Death Becomes Her and The Golden Girls (even though I don't think he's ever actually watched the show). 

Maggie de Vos 

Maggie is one of my dearest friends. She enjoys a having glass of red wine, swearing, taking pictures of her schnauzer and creating colourful designs and illustrations. She's always watching either Disney animated films or Game of Thrones, and wears a colourful shade of lipstick when she wants to feel like a fancy pants.  

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