36 Days of Type is an annual online project that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to express their particular view on letters and numbers of our alphabet. Participants are challenged to design a letter or number each day and post it Instagram, resulting in 36 unique illustrated letters and numbers.

A quick 'A' in my favorite blue 
A blood-curdling 'B'...b...booo!
'C' is disguised as a rainbow 
A dazzling purple ddawg for 'D'
An egregious egg for 'E'
A  frightening foggy 'F'
'G' for a gabby goose in the greens
'H' is for harbouring helpmate with huge horns
'I' for icky insects 
A jolting jellyfish for 'J'
'K' for a  kickboxing kangaroo 
'L' for lazily laboured logs
'M' for a melancholy mermaid playing a mandolin for her friends, the moon and mountains
'N' for a naughty narwhal 
'O' for an optimistic otter 
'P' for the Pan, the pan-flute playing Greek God
'Q' for the querulous Queen of Hearts
'R' for a refined rabbit wearing a ritzy ribbon 
'S' for a slithering snake in a sacrificial skull
'T' for a traditional tribe in tropical Timbuktu 
'U' for the unfathomable underwater 
'V' for a verboten voodoo doll, that has no valentine 
'W' for a witty little witch 
'X' for an x-ray 
'Y' for Yvain, the knight of the lion 
'Z' for a trio of zealous zombies. Zoinks!
'0' (feat. The Moon)
One big cyclops with one big eye and one big heart!
A pair of big blue horns
A trio of chomping skulls
A foursome of fearsome flying bats
Five fungi from the forest
Six sexy cigarettes
Seven seaweeds from the seven seas
Eight beautiful musical notes from the cello
Nine intertwined serpents
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